History of the enterprice

In 1991, at the initiative of Vladimir Nazarov, three government agencies of the Ministry of Medium Machine Building, located in the town of Zhovti Vody, Dnipropetrovsk region: an appliance factory "Electron" Eastern Mining and Processing Plant Institute training and retraining, was created small state enterprise «Positron». In February 1993, it was registered as a limited liability company «Positron GMBH». The company team consisted of high-class specialists and qualified professionals with extensive practical experience in the development, production and implementation of products and projects of any complexity, the last good school USSR nuclear instrumentation.

In the initial stages, the contacts were established with many companies in Europe and America, producing radiometric and dosimetric equipment (RDA) with the European Union and the representatives of the IAEA. This allowed us to study the range of products, organization development, production and sales, get samples of new devices for the control of radon and radionuclide contamination of food products designed and manufactured in Germany, Sweden and the United States. With firm Genitron Instruments GMBH signed a contract for service on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia dosimeters MIRA-661, set in the framework of humanitarian aid.

Through the European Community, work began to attract European capital firms to joint development and co-production RDA. There were also examples of dosimetric and radiometric instruments of foreign companies to control food: LB 200 (Germany), radon monitor ATMOS 12D (Sweden), a set of gauges Ex electret radon in water and air, meters aerosols tritium system (E-perm, the firm Rad Elec, SSHA), a portable spectrometer TISA (Germany), the dosimeter MIRA-661 for work on radiation monitoring and control of radon in indoor food control.

Having established close business relationship with the German company «Genetron Instruments GMBH», our company started to market the CIS automated radiation monitoring system (ARMS) - SkyLink.

Actively developing cooperation with our German partners - the company has established a co-production assembly of professional radon monitor AlphaGUARD, designed for automatic, continuous measurement of radon in the air. And with UNTSRM, NPF "ROSA", Kiev, "Positron GMBH» developed the first device of its own production - CSIRO radiometer 2010Z (set of measuring alpha activity of radon in the air).

However, the difficult economic situation in Ukraine in the period from 1991 to 1995, hindered the development of the production of radiation and radiation-monitoring equipment. The drop in demand in the market of such devices has put the company before the question of survival and experts, other than the development of specialized products, were forced to develop other products, such as:

alarm loudspeaker unit (SSU) «SIGNAL-150», Services for the Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, Security Service, ambulance, fire and other services;

temperature controller RTM-01;

accounting system of milk «Nectar»

Thus, the company has managed to survive in the most difficult time and through effective management it managed to find its place in the market and keep the position.

In 1995, developing their productive capacities in the field of radiation instrumentation, on the recommendations of Goskomgranits Ukraine was developed indicator of the total flux of neutron and gamma radiation RPS-01 "Cordon". This system ("Cordon") fit perfectly into the concept of the development of environmental and radiological monitoring at checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine. This concept was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 113 dated 22.01.1995 and № 198 of 20.03.1995 was already in 1996 were approved specifications for LED RPS-01 "Cordon" and agreed upon in the State Standard of Ukraine. In the same 1996, received a certificate of State Standard of Russia, and in 1999 the indicator is certified by State Standard of Ukraine. The first indicators of the RPS-01 "Cordon" production model was commissioned in 1996 at the international terminal, "Airport Kharkiv", Kharkov and international depots "Self-portrait Chop", Uzhgorod. The resulting appreciation of experts from the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and VNIIM. Mendeleev St. Petersburg, allowed to carry out the delivery of the "Cordon" in Germany and the countries of the CIS. From that point, the system "Cordon" received "Abitur" and start in life. Despite the successes, the company did not stop there, and in 2000-2001 were upgraded indicator RPS-01 "Cordon". Radiometer neutron and gamma radiation RKS-02 "Cordon" was included in the State Register of measuring instruments under the number U1475-01. Because of this, the number of users and the geography of deliveries increased significantly.

In parallel with the production of the "cordon", the company carrying out the terms of reference of Zaporozhye nuclear power plant to modernize plants RZB-04-04. Within a short time we developed an entirely new product - setting signal RZB-04-04M. In the period from 1996 to 1998 at the Zaporizhzhya NPP was put 5 of these plants. In 1998 it was the next upgrade of the RZB-04-04M with a corresponding expansion of the list of tasks. The new installation is called "The radiometer surface contamination alpha-and beta-active substances RZBA-04-04M." After modernization, and improved technical characteristics of the installation allowed to conclude an international agreement for the supply of such facilities for NPP "Kozloduy", Bulgaria.

A special place in the history of the company is implementation of the agreement concluded between the SSE "Chornobyl NPP" and LLC "Positron GMBH", in which "Positron GMBH» modernized and put into operation 40 radiometers RZBA-04-04M for sanitary inspection SP 1430 SSE "Chornobyl NPP . "It was the first serious test for the entire enterprise, and a very big responsibility, but even here, "Positron" proved to be a reliable and responsible partner who can truly be trusted with the decision the most difficult task. Today radiometers RZBA-04-04M successfully exploited plant in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania.

The most significant part of radiometers (with 2001 delivered 174 units of various modifications), is now working on the nuclear power plants of the Russian Federation. Huge contribution to the advancement of the equipment in Russia by OOO NPP "Dose" (Moscow, Zelenograd) - one of the largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of radiation monitoring equipment in Russia and the CIS.

Another important focus of the company was to create a multi-channel installation of automated data collection, processing, reporting and control sensors "Pulse-1M", the development of which began in 1995. For deliveries to the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant installation "Pulse 1M" passed certification tests on DSTU 3413. And in 1998, was placed 2nd analyzer "Pulse-1M" at Khmelnitsky NPP connecting 200 detection units.

Based on the operating experience gained from previously installed devices, the Puls-1M installation was modernized and in 2003, having successfully passed state tests, the AMP-12 Puls-1A multi-channel parallel counting analyzer was put into serial production. In the same year, the APM-12 “Puls-1A” analyzer was actively implemented at nuclear power plants in Ukraine and Lithuania.

Start data, serious projects on modernization and reconstruction of AKRB NPP, was launched in 2000 in close cooperation with "Westron" (Kharkov, Ukraine), which specializes in the execution of the work on automated systems for process control systems (ACS TA) industry, including design, manufacturing, testing, supply, implementation and maintenance of systems in operation control system of nuclear and thermal power plants and other industrial facilities.

Having started active work together to implement projects at two nuclear power plants in Ukraine (Rivne and Zaporizhia nuclear power plant), «Westron»" and «Positron», in the first phase, in 2003, set and implemented the first 2 analyzer AMP-12 «Pulse-1A» integrated with the top-level, program-technical complex «Vulcan-RK» produced by «Westron».

As part of modernization projects now AKRB Ukrainian NPPs «Positron», at the beginning of 2013, delivered 176 analyzers «Pulse-1A», 805 detection units BDMG-04, 163 dosimeter-radiometer MKS-2001.

Throughout the period of the «Positron GMBH» develops and produces, updates and improves, markets and more new systems and devices, we are trusted by more and more complex and important projects and we successfully deal with them. What is the secret of success? The secret is simple! The desire of all employees to the achievement of the objectives of the enterprise. Today, «Positron GMBH» is a corporate supplier approved by the NAEC «Energoatom» of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine, the entire range of equipment produced by Zaporizhzhya, Rivne, Khmelnytsky, South Ukrainian nuclear power plants.