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Participation in exhibitions, seminars and presentations

The enterprise "Positron GmbH" actively takes part in national and international exhibitions, seminars, presentations.

«Positron GmbH» is awarded by the Diploma of the International exhibition «Nuclear industry» (St.-Petersburg, Russia) for representation of high-quality production and services, the Diploma of the International exhibition-fair of industrial technologies, means of production, the goods and services of the CIS countries (Kiev, Ukraine), the Diploma of the Exhibition-presentation of establishments of technogenic safety and ecology organised by the State committee of nuclear regulation of Ukraine «For active participation and fruitful work at an exhibition-presentation« state policy Realization in sphere of maintenance of nuclear and radiating safety» and many other things.

According to the State committee of statistics of Ukraine, in 2005 the enterprise "Positron GmbH" has taken the second place in a business rating of the enterprises of branch "instrumentation Manufacture". "Positron GmbH" has been awarded by the distinction "Leader of economy of Ukraine" and entered in the international catalogue of Commercial and industrial Chamber of Ukraine.


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Ltd. "Positron GmbH" offers to implement components. The list of components in the attached file.


Radiometer surface contamination of alpha-and beta-active substances RZBA-04-04M

Radiometer RZBA modification 16.01 is designed to measure the level of contamination of personnel clothing, hands and shoes beta-active substances and alarm about excess the set threshold levels.