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Signalling indicator of level SURB-01

  • General date
  • Technical characteristics
  • The level signaling device radiometric contactless SURB-01 is purpouse for continuous contactless positional control of level of various environments: solutions, suspensions, pulps and loose materials filling the available technological devices: tanks, trays, the bunker, etc. As well as continuous contactless positional level control of the separation of two medium with different densities.

    The principle of operation of the level switch is based on measuring the density of the gamma radiation flux and activating the output signal while decreasing the density of the gamma radiation flux when it is blocked by a controlled environment. It is used for automatic control and process control in various industries.

    The signaling device is a stationary device consisting of the following main components:

    1. The detection unit BDPS-03M;

    2. Measurement unit UAK-11.

    The average service life of the device is at least 10 years. The criterion of the limiting state is the economic expediency of restoring the instrument's reliability by repair.


    - Microprocessor control;
    - A detection unit based on a plastic scintillator;
    - Ability to integrate into process control systems;
    - Two-wire line connecting the detection unit;
    - Diagnostics of the detection unit and the communication cable with the detection unit;
    - Galvanic isolation of the detection unit and the output signal from the common wire of the measurement unit;
    - Archiving of all events: turning the device on and off, switching the count rate through the set thresholds, failure of the detection unit, cable break;
    - Protection of the detection unit from erroneous connection;

  • Detection unit

    Type of detection unit

    Detector material

    Plastic scintillator
    Detector body material
    Stainless steel
    Connection to the measuring unit
    Two wire line
    Isotope sensitivity137Cs (distance 0.5 m from the detector)
    2 (pulse / s) / kBq
    Maximum counting speed
    100000 pulse/s
    - 30 … + 50°С
    Relative humidity
    up to (95 ± 3) %
    Resistance to sinusoidal vibration
    Mechanical shock resistance
    Degree of protection
    Overall dimensions, mm, (length * diameter)
    350 * 75
    no more than 3,5 kg

    Measurement unit

    Type of control device

    Block body material

    High impact plastic
    Operating modes
    Positive / Negative
    Low threshold setting range
    from 0 to 64999 pulse / s
    Upper Threshold Setting Range
    from 0 to 64999 pulse / s
    Output Delay
    Adjustable from 0 to 60 s
    Output Turn Off Delay
    Adjustable from 0 to 60 s
    Discrete output for controlling an external relay
    12V DC
    Maximum Output Load
    0,5 А
    Galvanic isolation of the output signal from the common wire
    Detector unit supply voltage
    24V DC
    Galvanic isolation of the power supply of the detection unit from the common wire
    Information Display
    LCD display 4 lines of 20 characters
    Diagnostics of the failure of the detection unit
    Diagnostics of a broken cable for communication with the detection unit
    Real time timer
    Event archiving in non-volatile memory
    Top Level Communication Interface
    RS-485, Isolated
    Service Communication Interface

    Terms of Use

    Air temperature for the measuring unit, °С

    from 5 to +50
    Ambient temperature for the measuring unit, °С

    from -30
    to +50
    Relative humidity for the measuring unit at a temperature of + 35 ° С,%
    up to (80+/-3)
    Relative humidity for the detection unit at a temperature of + 35 ° C,%
    up to (95+/-3)
    Atmospheric pressure, kPa%
    ftom 70 to 106


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