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Signaling device gamma SGI-01

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  • Signaling device gamma SGI-01 is designed to monitor the safety of gamma radiation, which are placed in protective containers. Signaling device continuously measures the level of gamma radiation at the point of installation and generates an alarm signal in two cases related to unauthorized extraction gamma source of the protective container, and in the case of unauthorized movement of the container together with the source of the zone control switch.

    When the source of the unauthorized extraction container is an increase in radiation levels installation signaling that leads to issue an alarm annunciator.

    An unauthorized movement of the container with the source of the zone control signaling radiation level decreases, which also results in the issuance of an alarm. Signaling device is a fixed level of gamma radiation sensor. Signaling device continuously measures the gamma radiation from gamma-controlled power source (BGI), compares the measured values with the upper and lower thresholds. In the case of gamma radiation level is below the lower threshold or above the upper threshold generates an alarm indicator. Upper and lower alarm thresholds are set by writing their values into the memory switch.

    Signaling device set in place permanent installation BGI that make up the technological control radioisotope devices - density meters, level gauges, thickness gauges, belt scale, gamma, relays, etc., or a part of medical equipment for radiotherapy.

    Signaling device reveals:
    a) opening of a protective container with a source of gamma radiation (BGI) - the excess of the measured values ​​of gamma radiation above the threshold value;
    b) the absence of a source of gamma radiation (BGI) in a controlled area - reducing the measured value is less than the threshold value.

    Device Features:
    - Dimensions: width - 80 mm, height - 60 mm, depth - 180 mm.
    - Weight signaling no more than 0.5 kg.
    - Power indicator is supplied from the DC power supply voltage from 8 to 36 V (nominal 12 V).
    - Current consumption signaling device from the power supply does not exceed 250 mA at power up (for 2 seconds during start-pulse converters) and 50 mA of continuous operation.


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