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Radiometer specific activity RUG-2001

  • General date
  • Technical characteristics
  • Radiometer specific activity RUG-2001 (hereinafter radiometer) is designed for rapid determination of the specific activity of natural radionuclides 232Th, 226Ra, 40K and man-made radionuclides 60Co, 137Cs in samples taken for chemical analysis of ladle metallurgy industries. The radiometer is used in laboratories radiological control metallurgical plants. The basis of the radiometer put gamma-spectrometric method for the determination of radionuclides, based on measurements of the pulse height distribution of radionuclides in the study of recorded energy ranges.

    Radiometer is a stationary device, consisting of the following units:

    - Lead defense (1 pc. single-channel radiometer, 2 pcs. radiometer for two-channel);
    - detection unit BDEG-01D (1 pc. single-channel radiometer, 2 pcs. for dual channel radiometer);
    - transducer Block BPA-01D (depending on order, available as part of a personal computer or in a separate building);
    - personal computer.

    Protecting a lead is protected from the influence of the surrounding natural background in the measurement process.

    The detection unit converts the stream of gamma radiation in a sequence of pulses corresponding amplitudes. At the end of the detection unit is well to place the sample analyzed.

    Block-01D FHT converter converts the amplitude of pulses from the detecting unit into digital code and transmits them to the PC. The transducer block has two independent processing channels, it simultaneously be two detection unit. Depending on the order, the payment of the transducer block BPA-01D is set in a free PCI-slot of a personal computer or in a separate enclosure. Exchange of information via COM-port.

  • Range radiometer measurements of the specific activity, Bq / kg from 20 to 10 000
    Recorded radionuclides 232Th, 226Ra, 40K,
    60Co, 137Cs
    Maximum permissible relative error of measurement of the specific activity at a confidence level of 0.95%, max% ± 30
    Minimum measured 137Cs activity during the measurement 60 min (background radiation 0.15 mSv / h) at P = 0,95, d = 50%, not more Bq 4
    The instability of the calibration characteristics conversion for 8 hours max, % ± 1
    The instability of the counting characteristics for 8 hours max, % ± 5
    Warm-up time radiometer no more mines 30
    Continuous operation time radiometer, hours 8
    The values ​​of the measurement time set in the range minutes from 10 to 60

    Operating conditions:

    Ambient temperature, °C from 10 to 35
    Relative humidity (at +30 °C),% 75
    Barometric pressure, kPa from 84 to 106,7


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