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Radiometer for neutron and beta radiation RKS-02 «Kordon»

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  • Radiometer neutron and gamma radiation RKS-02 "KORDON" (hereinafter Radiometer) is used to rapidly detect authorized and unauthorized export and import of neutron and gamma radiation sources or radioactive contaminated vehicles or cargo, to control unauthorized bring in (import) sources of radiation (or radioactive contaminated materials) during the passage through control area of personnel at the entrance (or exit) on the territory of industrial sites and objects of national importance, etc.

    The radiometer is a stationary device, consisting of detection units and measurement unit with a built-in power supply.

    Detection units convert the total flux of neutrons and gamma rays in a sequence of pulses at the output. The principle of the detector modules based on scintillation in plastic scintillator. As the detector uses a plastic scintill ator which is sensitive to gamma and neutron radiation. The count rate of the output pulse train is proportional to the density of the total flux of gamma rays and neutrons at the location of the detection unit.

    Typical location of the radiometer for example, modifications to road transport.

    Radiometer RKS-02 "Kordon" do passed the tests, it has type examination certificate number UA-TR.113-0064/05-17 (23.11.2017) which was registered in the State registry of measuring technique.

  • Energy range of gamma radiation, MeV from 0,06 to 3
    Energy range of fast neutrons, MeV from 0,2 to 10
    The range of measurements of neutron radiation flux density, min-1cm-2 from 0,1 to 10
    Maximum permissible relative error of measurement of neutron radiation flux density at P = 0.95%, max, %
    The range of flux density measurement of gamma rays with energies of 660 keV, min-1cm-2
    from 0,5 to 50
    Maximum permissible relative error in measuring the density of the flux of gamma rays with energies of 660 keV at a confidence level of 0.95%, max, %
    Radiometer sensitivity to gamma rays with energies of 660 keV:
    a detection unit BDPS-03M at least,
    a detection unit BDPS-06 at least,


    The range of values of measurement time set in the limits, s from 0,125 to 128
    Time of continuous work, h
    The instability of the radiometer readings for continuous operation 24 hours max, % 5
    Mean time between failures, h 10000
    Average life radiometernot less, years 10

    Radiometer alarm threshold set by one of three types:

    - «Absolute» is set in the range of 0.2 to 50 min-1∙cm-2. When installing the absolute threshold the radiometer response to the excess of the total radiation level of the background and the controlled object;
    - «relative» set between 10 to 1000% above the result of measurement of flux density from the background level;
    - «operational » set between 0 and 10 standard deviations (sigma) of the measurement result is the flux density of the background level.

    The value of measuring time is set from 0.125 to 128 seconds. The efficiency of detection of gamma-radiation radiometer and fast neutrons from the source PuBe corresponds to the values (with a deviation of ± 35%) in the table.

    Detection unit BDPS-03M Detection unit BDPS-06
    Type of radiation Gamma radiation Neutrons Gamma radiation Neutrons
    Energy gamma rays, keV 60 660 1250 PuBe source 60 660 1250 PuBe source
    The detection efficiency,% 15 100 80  not less  400 15 100 80  not less 500

    Operating conditions

    Environment temperature, °С
    - for the detection units
    - for the measurement unit and power supply

    from -30 to +50
    from +5 to +50
    Relative humidity (at +35 °C) not more , %
    - for the detection units
    - for the measurement unit and power supply

    Atmospheric pressure, kPa. from 70 to 106
  • There are 3 versions of the radiometer RKS-02 "Kordon":
    - for control of rail transport;
    - for control of road transport;
    - for control of personnel, passengers and baggage.

    Radiometer for the control of transport is a stationary device, consisting of the following components:
    - detection units (BDPS-03M or BDPS-06);
    - measurement unit UAK.

    Optionally, the composition includes a radiometer, depending on the conditions of supply:
    - object presence sensor KBH-01PM with infrared emitter IKI-03M to generate a signal of the presence of an object in the controlled area. The principle of the sensor is based on the intersection of the object of the infrared beam;
    - siren BIC-09 to duplicate the sound and light alarm in the place of installation of detection units;
    - remote alarm unit BIC-12 to control the performance sirens BIC-09 and disable the sound when an alarm is triggered. Control of working capacity is provided when you click on the BIC-12. Turn off the alarm occurs with the toggle switch on the BIC-12;
    - two stands (primary and secondary) for attaching the detector units. Stands are installed on both sides along the route of control object. Inside each stand has one or two detection units, depending on delivery terms. In each of the stands with the detection unit mounted lead shields, which reduce the influence of natural background radiation from all directions except the direction to the object of control.

    Radiometer for monitoring of personnel is designed as a stationary radiometric gates consisting of two side stands (primary and secondary ), the lower and upper unit. Each side of the stands equiped by detection unit BDPS-06 with a length of 1,000 mm of scintillator.

    The basic units of the radiometer:
    - detection units BDPS-06 (from 2 to 4);
    - measurement unit UAK;
    - power supply;
    - object detection device (infrared emitter IKI-04, infrared receiver IKP-03 and two units PBU-01);
    - blitz-lamp BIC-07;
    - Cross card PKC-19.


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