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Pump block BN-01

  • General date
  • Modifications
  • Destination

    - The block has intended for the bleeding air through metering devices of settings UDA-1AB, UDG-1B and UDGB-01Т (production of scientific production enterprise "DOSA", Russia). It is working in unison (pneumatic tandem connection of settings UDA-1AB, UDG-1B and the block).
    - The block does controlled of a band filter dirtiness of a setting UDA-1AB and initiates change of a frame by band filter of a setting UDA-1AB.
    - The block does controlled of a band filter integrity of a setting UDA-1AB and excites issue of an emergency signal by setting UDA-1AB at the damage of a band filter.

    Sampling of air could be carry out as immediately from an atmosphere of industrial premises, and at the help isokinetic sonde from vent systems of Nuclear Power Plants (trier OS-1700 ("AMETЕК", USA)).

  • Pump block BN-01-01


    blocks provide a continuous flow of air through the measuring instruments and devices. The flow can be changed using the tuning parameters;
    blocks produce diagnostics of integrated devices;
    blocks indicate the pressure difference on the measuring instruments and devices;
    equipped with two pumps operating on the principle of 'hot' backup (in case of failure of the main pump, switching to a backup pump takes place without human intervention);
    provide PID-control flow of pumped air depending on the flow of the original environment from which you are sampling (pumping);
    supervise pressure difference on analytical filter (measuring instruments),provides diagnosis, embedded devices, the external flow and temperature sensor.

    Technical characteristics

    The range of tasks rated output power, l/min from 0 to 73
    Power supply is made from a single-phase AC voltage, V
    and frequency, Hz
    from 49 to 51
    The power consumed by the block, VA no more 300
    Degree of protection pump unit P54
    MTBF, h at least 10000
    Average life unit, years at least 10
    Average recovery time of operating state, h at least 1

    Pump block BN-01-04

    Block designed for continuous pumping of air sampling systems (for devices that produce the measurement of volumetric activity of aerosols, IRG and volume activity iodine). Block produces control the dilution of its input and supports a vacuum within the prescribed limits. In case of impossibility maintain the vacuum at the entrance to the block within the specified limits unit produces an automatic transition to work from a backup pump.

    Block to ensure uninterrupted operation is composed of two pumps. Depending on the settings in case of failure of one (main) pump pumping unit automatically turns on second (redundant) pump. Block the pump in the operation provides continuous automatic operation check of the frequency converter and pumps (main and backup). To protect against unauthorized access, block has a special key to open the control cabinet door.

    Functionally, the unit consists of the following components:
    - two vacuum pumps VT4.40;
    - measuring unit BOI-12-01;
    - control cabinet;
    - gauge DV2005 (-1 to 0).

    Technical characteristics

    Maximum capacity, l/min 660
    Measurement range of dilution, kg/cm2 from 0 to -1
    Setting range of the lower limit of dilution of the control range, kg/cm2 from 0,05 to -0,95
    Setting range of upper range limit dilution control, kg/cm2 from -0,05 to -0,95
    The range of capacity control, l/min from 100 to 660
    Type of interfaces for communication with the upper level
    unit measuring
    frequency converter

    Operation mode setup time, min not more 1
    Power supply is made from three-phase AC voltage, V
    frequency, Hz
    from 323 to 418*
      from49 to 51
    * - nominal supply voltage - 380 V
    Power, kVA not more 1,7
    Time of continuous work, hours per day at least 24
    MTBF, h at least 10000
    The average life span, years at least 10

    Operating conditions:

    Environment temperature, °C from +5 to +50
    Upper value of relative humidity at a temperature not exceeding 35°C without condensation of moisture,% 80
    Barometric pressure, kPa from 84 to 106,7


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