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Detection units BDMG-04

  • General date
  • Technical characteristics
  • Modifications
  • Detection units BDMG-04-00, BDMG-04-01, BDMG-04-02, BDMG-04-03 and BDMG-04-04 are intended for measuring of power of the equivalent dose of a gamma radiation (further under the text - PED gamma radiations).

    Detection unit BDMG-04-02B is intended for measurement of power of the absorbed dose of gamma radiation in air(further under the text - PAD gamma radiations).

    The detection units concern to stationary equipments of measuring technics, which are applied to the control of radiative conditions, and are exposed to the state trials agree ДСТУ 3400:2006.

    The detection units are applied:
    - as a part of the monitoring equipment of radiation safety on atomic power stations;
    - with the standard resorts of measuring technics (dosimeter-radiometer MKS-2001, multichannel analyzer for parallel counting AMP-12 «Pulse-1А» and other);
    - with standard electronic-physical equipment which has matching inlets (for reception of sequence of statistically distributed impulses, interface RS-485 or a current inlet).

    Detection units BDMG-04 passed the tests, it has type examination certificate number UA-TR/113-0064/01-17 (23.10.2017) which was registered in the State registry of measuring technique. .

  • Range of logged energies of a gamma-rays from 0,05 to 3,0 MeV.

    Measuring range of power of equivalent dose or power of absorbed dose of gamma radiation for each of the detection units shown in the table below:

    Modification Measuring range
    BDMG-04-00 from 0,04∙10-6 to 10 Sv/h Two channels: № 1 (with the high sensitivity counter) and № 2 (with the low sensitivity counter)
    BDMG-04-01 from 1∙10-6 to 10 Sv/h Two channels: № 1 (with the medium sensitivity counter) and № 2 (with the low sensitivity counter)
    BDMG-04-02 from 0,04∙10-6 to 4∙10-3 Sv/h One channel with the high sensitivity counter
    BDMG-04-03 from 0,1∙10-3 to 10 Sv/h One channel with the low sensitivity counter
    BDMG-04-04 from 1∙10-6 to 50∙10-3 Sv/h One channel with the medium sensitivity counter
    BDMG-04-02B from 0,04∙10-6 to 4∙10-3 Gray/h One channel with the high sensitivity counter. Measures the the absorbed dose of gamma radiation

    Technical characteristics

    Setup time is not more, min 2
    Time of continuous work, hours per a day 24
    Data instability for uptime 24 hours is not more, % 5
    Power consumption is not more, VA 2
    Range of DC power, V from + 8,0 to +42,0

    Terms of use

    Ambient air temperature, °C from -40 to +70
    Relative humidity of air,%
    at + 70 °C (upper value)
    at + 50 °C (limit value)

    up to 75
    up to 100
    Atmospheric pressure, kPa from 54 to 540
  • Detection units BDMG-04-02, BDMG-04-02B, BDMG-04-03 and BDMG-04-04 contains one counter in their composition. Detection units BDMG-04-00 and BDMG-04-01 have two counters in their composition. Each of the counters included in a separate measurement channel (coarse and sensitive - for BDMG-04-00, coarse and medium sensitivity - for BDMG-04-01).

    Corps of detection units is designed as cylinder. Body material - aluminum alloy. Dimensions of detection units differ only in length (from 2300 to 4200 mm), diameter - 50 mm.

    Inside the case of detection units installed board site PDGG-01, which has all the elements of the of detection units.

    In order to ensure earthquake of detection units, the resistance to sinusoidal vibration and mechanical shock, the fee site PDGG-01 is installed on the special ball-locking springs (shock absorbers).

    The detection unit during operation is mounted to a vertical surface (wall, beam, construction, etc.) by the holder.


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